Why do we worry?

Why do we worry so much about our life? Sounds so much like Matthew 6, “Do Not Worry”, and yet we as people can’t just stop worrying.  This morning I received a text from my mother, she wanted to let me know that her and my dad might not be able to make it for Thanksgiving due to car issues.  My immediate reaction was panic, as my husband said “hey!” when he saw that I was awake, I didn’t even hear him.  My mind was still trying to process that my parents might not be having Thanksgiving with us after all of this preparation for them.

After I let my husband know what was going on, I said you know what! I am not going to worry, I am just going to pray about it and let it go.  As I prepared for my day, worry crept in once again.  I closed the door to the house, felt the air and started to think about the situation again.  Why am I worried again? God is everything, and he can do whatever he pleases.  As if he can’t work out a way for my parents to make it.  Something as simple as finding a way for my parents to get the car situation fixed, is really not that much for God to do.

Come on! It’s so easy to forget who God is and I think that’s when worry creeps in.  I took my eyes off of who God is and what he can do.  It’s so silly to worry, Thanksgiving will be great, no matter what happens.

Happy Turkey Day!