PMS: Spiritual Woman Under the Influence

PMS, gosh what can I say; being a woman isn’t easy. You feel crazy, confused, angry, sad, sometimes all at the same time! How can one think logically, or more importantly, spiritually?

You realize that you’re not thinking straight during this time but everything you feel, feels so right. For me it can be hard to follow God because I tend to choose my feelings and/or emotions instead of the words of God. If this is you, I am confident that this article will help you through your days of crazy =P. These tips are a collection of what I’ve learned…

1) PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more

PMS is just PMS. Your body is going through a hormonal change, your hormones are making you feel good one day and then within the next couple of seconds, minutes or days you’re confused, upset, enraged, hurt, sensitive, you may even feel suicidal. I usually find it harder to read my Bible, and that’s why I even dare say that I didn’t put read your bible as any of the points. I know that may sound crazy but I can only speak for myself here in saying that when I am going through PMS, the symptom of confusion and just plain ol’ fogginess of the brain is at an all time high. It’s so high that I can read my bible but nothing sticks. If nothing sticks, I get frustrated because I want it to stick and I want to obey the scriptures. In turn I’ve regularly had to close my bible and just pray my heart out to God. God has just taken the wheel and been able to clear my mind of worry.  Usually right after that the scriptures that are already in my head come to mind, and those scriptures begin to help me.  So the issue isn’t that scripture can’t help, it’s that I’m having a hard time getting the most from the scriptures.

So Pray! Pray like your life depends on it, because it does. 

2) Realize you are under the influence

Not under a chemical influence, well actually it is a chemical influence. A hormonal chemical. You are not yourself, and everything that you think is truth may very well not be. Seriously, the things going through your mind feel real, and valid but more times than not they aren’t real.  Keep this perspective in mind.

It’s helped me to remember the days when I used to drink, if you’ve ever used before you may know the feeling of being under the influence very well. 

If you are in a relationship, you might become more sensitive and in turn drive your significant other through the roof with all of your sudden requests and outbursts. He may start to feel the effects of your emotions, because you might also point out things to him that you feel he isn’t doing right. For instance, what I do is point out that I’m not feeling considered or loved. (That’s my usual feelings during PMS). It might be that my husband isn’t being loving or considerate but when I’m under the influence I feel like my husband is the most inconsiderate, unloving person in the whole wide world! That’s because I am more sensitive and will make things a bigger deal than it really is. I forsake the truth and feelings become my God. That’s why it helps to look at your time with PMS as being under the influence.  You are naturally committing a L.U.I., Living Under The Influence. The influence of PMS.

3) Go to God before you make any decisions

Remember you are under the influence so just as though you wouldn’t advise someone to make a life or death decision when they’re under the influence, of say alcohol, you shouldn’t do it while going through PMS. Trust me you will regret a lot of things as soon as your body returns to its normal state. I know every decision you want to make, feels so right, it’s most likely so wrong lol. Get a lot of advice and even better filter things through the friends who know you best.

You need friends who will just listen and not judge you.  The last thing you need is for someone to tell you just to repent. Duh! As if I don’t know that, I know that I’m not thinking straight. Knowing that you’re not thinking straight doesn’t make it right though BUT the last thing you need is someone to tell you just repent. At the same time you don’t need people to condone the behavior! You just need someone to sympathize and show you that they understand and care. God is the one who really knows everything you’re feeling, and he’s the only one that can judge.  Go to God with everything you’re going through.

1 Peter 5:7 says, Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Now that’s cute! He cares about you. He wants to hear from you and he cares about every little thing you have to say because….? He simply cares about you.

4) Do whatever it takes to have a sober mind

If you have the conviction to fight to be of sober mind, you need to do all you can do to get there. Part of that fight is reading articles like this one, praying, seeking counseling, or maybe even medication. Do whatever you think is necessary to live a life pleasing to God during these times. You can’t just snap out of your mental state, it goes away with time but fight that’s the key word here. Don’t give up, you have to just rely on God a little bit more during these times. How can you go wrong with that? If I didn’t go through these times, or fight through them I wouldn’t be so passionately writing this article right now. I’ve scoured the Internet and sought a ton of advice.


Here’s some humorous drama filled texts that have come from woman under the influence:

“You are right. I need to pray and apologize and go to devotional and repent. I’m so wretched”.

“I’m in trouble girl after last night lol”.

“He wants to talk but he brought it up in such a mean way of course I don’t want to talk to him”.

“Hmm ok let me resend it tonight. And wow girl who Prozac is quick”.

“Hey just feeling put on the spot when you asked me if you could play a couple more games you didn’t really ask me…I know your going to be mad about this text and I’m not really mad but just confused”.