Packing Day #1

Packing Day #1.

We’ve finally begun to pack on the Saturday’s leading up to our departure, like we said we would.  I started with piling up the give away clothing and the clothing to be stored at my in-laws house.  In the end we ended up with 4 garbage bags full of clothes to give away!  The clothing we were keeping was way less which was really good.  Pat on the back for that one. Well, actually I have to confess, to my shame as I went through what I was going to give away, I ended up taking some clothing back out for myself.  Only about 4 items, if that makes it any better.  It was harder than I thought to give things away but do I really need it? I can’t even take it to heaven with me.  Oo and by the way, this was just round 1, there is more clothing to give away next Saturday.

photo 1The next thing to do was group up my more girly products.  What was I giving away? What was I keeping? This was the eye opening part of it all.  I was able to give two friends of mine a ton of nail polish and a little bit makeup.  One I am giving a small bin full and the other about 6 or so. Some of these nail polishes are OPI and Essie by the way (not cheap about $7 each).  AND I was able to leave about 5 colors for myself, the one’s that I wear all the time.  It was as if I was a nail polish collector.  The kicker is I have some more nail polish, a whole rack full at my parents house in NY.  Do I need them if they are in NY? Probably not.     

Next were the hair products.  O my gosh, I was able to photo 3 (2)fill a whole book bag with hair products that I wasn’t using.  Again, some of the products cost me a lot of money.  Like CHI 44 iron guard, CHI Silk Infusion (if you know anything about CHI products you know that they are expensive!) Shea Moisture, Aphogee etc. The money I have wasted.  To see it in front of me, and to lift the book bag was embarrassing.  I should weigh the bag.  I clearly don’t live a minimalist lifestyle, no bueno.

So, what did I learn from this experience:

I learned to be content with little. 

I learned that I should use my money on things other than myself. 

I learned that a lot of joy comes from giving.

I felt really awesome about being able to freely give my stuff away.  Our place even looks cleaner, who knew!  Hopefully I can remember this experience when I am in a store with a new product that I’m thinking about purchasing.

Less is more people, less is more…   

-La Micia