Natural In Spain, No Biggie!

If you read my previous post called “Spain Hair Stress”, I am delighted to let you know that I have solved my hair issues.  You all were SUPER helpful here, and on Facebook.

I was given advice to: Go to Spain with a protective style and then find hair products there.  To go with simplicity as far as a little bit of products, water and that’s it.  To order products from Amazon when I got there.  Locking my hair.  Use a lot of oils. Even flat twists! All wonderful advice =D

Crochet Braids
Crochet Braids

Well, what I am going to do is go to Spain with my hair in a protective style, CROCHET BRAIDS.  I will probably put them in January 5th; we fly out the 7th.  What I also will do is bring a few staple products, Ecostyler gel, kinky curly curling custard and argan oil.  O0o and a backup curly wig lol. 

My hair in recovery, I'm wearing a half wig!
My hair in recovery, I’m wearing a half wig!

Guys let me tell you about the last time I was in Europe for a long period of time. I left for Spain and my hair was past my shoulders. I came back and my hair was about 5 inches shorter.  My bangs were about half an inch long. It was bad, I went into hair recovery right away. YouTube saved my hair’s life because I learned about half wigs.  I wore half wigs for a whole year straight.  Maybe I’m traumatized now? When I think about it, I had a perm and didn’t know what I know now.  I wasn’t moisturizing my hair, sealing with an oil, etc.  Protective styling didn’t exist in 2009, well it wasn’t called a protective style.  We may have put our hair in box braids but it wasn’t called a protective style, it was called box braids.  Things have changed, we are a lot more educated about our hair now.

So Spain here I come, I’m ready for you this time!

-La Micia