Packing Day #2

This Saturday was very productive! First off, I went to my last Body Jam© class at my gym.  I am going to miss that class so much.  It’s a dance fitness class so it’s super fun! I am going to miss it in Spain, its really the only thing that motivates me to go to the gym.

After my class, Pat and I decided to ship some of our more bulky items through FedEx.  Of course that was my hair products! I packed about 7 packages of hair, a big tub of gel, curly hair pudding etc.  Pat packed his dress shirts, a suit and his dress shoes.  In total, to ship the 3 boxes was over $500.  That’s a lot of money but for a piece of mind its worth it.  It actually should arrive on the day we leave for Spain.

After we shipped the box, we loaded up the car with more stuff to be stored at Pat’s folks house.  The very last couple of things to do is of course officially pack our clothes but we cant do that until I sort through more clothes we want to give away and not until after we come back from my parent’s house for


Packing day 2 was a success!