5 Amazing Things About Living With The McHargue’s

La Micia and I both have awesome families that we had to part with back in the states who we really love and miss, I miss you Mamma G! We miss you Pops and Mrs. Thomson! Nothing can replace them but to be able to live with close friends in a foreign country, helps to ease the home sickness. Here are 5 amazing things about living with the McHargue’s:

1. They are super chill.
• You know how sharing a home with someone can bring out the worst in you or them? Well…with Cash and Maria, we all communicate well and Cash and Maria don’t get bent out of shape over little things. This is extremely encouraging to say the least.

2. Hunter and Isabella (Cash and Maria’s kids) are awesome kids.
• Hunter would make any Dad proud. He is always jumping on me and imagewrestling me, jamming out to some Brian Craig on his guitar, and dunking basketballs on his mini-hoop on the regular.
• Isabella would make any Mom proud. She enjoys painting her nails with La Micia, getting her hair done, playing dress up, and calling the shots.
• The best part about them is how spiritual they are and don’t even know it. They are so young, but the seeds of what it means to put God first are already being sown in their hearts.

3. Family Dinner Time
• Every Monday we have dinner as a household and are treated to a meal which is pretty awesome.
• The highlight of these dinners is definitely Hunters pre-meal prayers. I wish I could record it, but it typically goes something like this: “Dear God, thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Lindsay and Uncle Pat and Ma Misha (translates to La Micia). Thank you for saving us, amen!” Cash will typically then remind Hunter about the food to which Hunter will say, “and thank you God for this food, amen.”

4. Watching late night cheesy action movies with La Micia and Lindsay
• We have begun a tradition at the end of the day, a few times a week to turn on a cheesy action movie.
image• So far we have seen: “Commando” (Arnold Schwarzenegger), “Blood Sport” (Jean Claude Van Damm), and Running Man (Arnold again)
• We have attempted to watch and turned off, “Big Trouble in Little China”, “Raw Deal”, “Rambo 3” and “Cyborg.”
• We still have yet to begin the Steven Segal cheesiness, we are trying to find, “hard to kill”

5. The example Cash and Maria set of putting God and Family before everything.
• Career pressures have ruined many families, and it is very obvious that for Cash and Maria this is something they will not let happen.
• It is not uncommon for Cash or Maria to stop everything to have family time.
• La Micia and I really needed to see this. I know the pull doing the work of the ministry can have on someone so to be able to see their example is beyond words.
• They really embody the scripture: “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Timothy 5:8