Injured in Spain

As if having no place to lay wasn’t hard enough, I sprained my ankle yesterday. Right after I finished work (update on work soon!).  I was walking down the steps and clearly missed one.  Thankfully I didn’t fall flat on my face, but actually that would have been better because what I did instead was collapse into myself and put all my weight on my poor right ankle.

Now, I’ve sprained my ankle before and my husband broke his about four months ago and had surgery; so I know a few things about ankle injuries. BUT an ankle injury in another country takes on a whole new meaning.  You worry about things like foreign medicine just a little more lol.

Medicine trial and error
Medicine trial and error from last week

On top of it all, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! The good news is that I can put a little weight on my ankle, and it’s not that swollen so maybe I can limp my way around Madrid. The only thing with that is, I should be following R.I.C.E. (Rest, ice, compression, elevate). This is a real bummer, not to mention I was really sick just last week.

Can I get a break??


-La Micia