4 Things we asked my parents to bring from the US to Spain

So my parents are coming to town and I wanted to share with you guys the things we asked them to bring from home and why.

  • Dayquil, Nyquil & Excedrin Migraine1340085183_vickscloseup-284x300

One of the reasons is because Spain is on some intense homeopathic, all natural medicines bump in their “Farmacias” which is actually a great thing… in some cases. In other cases, for example, when La Micia is up from 10PM to 3AM coughing her lungs up and we need something with a kick, the medicine here doesn’t cut it. La Micia gets a bad night time cough when the weather changes here. I wanted the Excedrin migraine because it is the only that works for my headaches and I haven’t seen it being sold here.

  • Sensodyne toothpaste5325701A-A5B7-452E-A06F-496C9D9F4473

Spain doesn’t sell this brand of toothpaste (or we haven’t found it) and this is La Micia’s favorite toothpaste and she claims it is the most effective. She was very insistent (ahem!) that I ask my parents to bring this.

  • Buffalo Sauce and Old Bayold-bay-logo

We asked my parents to bring these two things because we just wanted some good old flavor from home!

  • An English and Spanish NIV Bible

    This is literally her Bible

La Micia is tired of me stealing her bible and I am tired of using it because I look funny walking around with a pink bible with a flower on it. Its also such an awesome tool to have here for bible studies. One last thing that we wish they could bring was the doggies Maria, Gurty, Izzy & Georgia. 10701940_10204766094137252_2711935587737039954_n There you have it. If you are ever traveling to Spain we hope this lists helps. Hurry up Mom and Dad, cant wait to see ya! -Patrick