Writer’s Block

I haven’t written a blog in such a long time!  

It’s been wonderful being here but I’ve been distracted by at ton of other things like learning the language and the culture here.  At the same time I have really neglected my own blog. Pat was just telling me that writing enriches my life, he’s right, so I just picked up my phone and I’m gonna do this!

There’s so much to catch you all up on but this past Friday Patrick and I, with some friends from the church went to the mountains in Madrid. It was absolutely breath taking. God is such an artist. Here’s a few pictures for ya! 11057454_10206545991553575_6201295712304036580_n 11188172_10206545928151990_7344586427154240218_n 11205146_10206545990873558_187231311959926665_n

Also since moving into our new place I’ve been bit with the Pinterest DIY bug. imageThe walls in this apartment are all white and it doesn’t feel like home to me, so I’ve been decorating a little too much =D. Here’s a picture I painted using acrylic and spray paint. I think I’m going to hang it in the guest room.

Sooo, what else has been going on with me? How could I forget, Pat and I have been working out about 4-5 times a week for a little over a month now.  Last week was the hardest week for me, I wasn’t motivated to work out at all.  I am literally just dragging my body to the gym and with a lot of prayer I’ve been 11169418_10206523859120278_9033672608740033843_nable to get through the work out.  It’s just a lot of lifting weights which is getting so boring to me, I can’t wait until we introduce some cardio.  Who knew I would be excited to perspire and burn fat haha!

I also can’t wait for my in-laws to visit! They’ll be here in 2 days! Hi Mrs. Genova if you’re reading this lol…We have some fun things planned outside of Madrid and God knows I have been itching to travel outside of Madrid.

Hopefully this blog starts the end of my writers block.  My hope is to post more fun things!

-La Micia