Depression Checklist

​​The dementor as La Micia and I like to call it (depression) has reared its head and is creeping over my back this week. Whenever this starts to happen, it is important for me to go through a checklist of things I know I need to be doing to get back on track. I figured I would go ahead and share some of them with you guys.

1. Get to homeostasis
This is extremely important because mental illness is a chemical imbalance in your brain. Without getting this imbalance in check and reaching homeostasis, every task in life will be so much more difficult and seemingly impossible. For me, getting to homeostasis means taking my medication to rectify the imbalance. When I first started taking medication, I felt like every pill I took was just a slap in the face to God, but God taught me that every pill I took was because he granted me the humility to do it so me and him could have the best relationship possible.

2. Time with God
It’s my conviction that you cannot have a relationship with God without being emotionally healthy (much like any relationship). After you have taken your medication and received help, you are now able to tackle your relationship with God. God is everything when it comes to mental illness. Through prayer and reading you will get insights into your own emotions and thoughts that can provide amazing breakthroughs. However, it can be a catch 22 because if you are depressed when you go to read the bible, you can come away discouraged because you will feel like all the “negative” passages apply to you. Please don’t overlook the importance of #1.

3. Exercise
This for me is very important because working out is a natural drug. Your brain starts doing flips after a solid workout and it also gives you a very empowering feeling leaving the gym. The benefits of exercise are well documented in the mental health world. Of course, you won’t feel like going if you are not taking your medication or done everything possible to bring your brain to homeostasis (once again the importance of number 1).

4. Proper amount of sleep
This is a HUGE one for me because if I don’t get enough sleep OR if I sleep too long it can set my day back in a major way. For me, I need to be able to wake up, grab some coffee, and read my bible and pray before leaving the house. If I over slept and get behind schedule or if I didn’t sleep enough, my emotions can get haywire. At this moment, I think this is where I really need to do a better job and what has really been messing me up lately.

Hope this helps. It also helps to remember that while I am in a depressed state to not make any decision or come to any conclusions about anything.