Documents for Student Visa

If you would like to pursue a student Visa there are some documents you will need for your appointment with your consulate. This information should be cross referenced with your consulate. Check for your corresponding consulate at the bottom of our post here.

1.Visa Application Form: “Application for a National Visa”:

1-3 original copies are normally required. You must download the application form on the Consulate’s website. If you are writing a letter to request the application form by mail, state that you are Language and Culture Assistant. Include a self-addressed return envelope with postage.

2.Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond end date of program:

Make sure your passport is signed. Also, please note that the original passport is left with the Consulate while the application is being processed. This MUST be the same passport that you sent your sponsoring organization a copy to.

3.Original letters of acceptance addressed to the Consulate confirming participation as a student in whatever your corresponding program happens to be. These letters will most likely be sent to you electronically by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

4.Proof of health insurance coverage during your stay in Spain.

There are many companies that offer travel insurance and some insurance companies might be partnering with your sponsoring organization.

5.2-4 official passport photos glued on each copy of the application. Do not staple them. Digital photos, senior pictures cut down to size or photocopies of other pictures are not acceptable. These must be official passport photos with a white background. Make sure to write your name on the back of each photo.

6.Proof of Financial Means: there are four options for this and they are as follows:

  • Letter from the University or School in Spain or in the USA assuming full financial responsibility during your stay (this is often included into the acceptance letter).
  • Proof of financial aid or scholarship for at least $1,000 per month for room and board.
  • Notarized letter from your parents or legal guardians assuming full financial responsibility for at least $1,000 per month for room and board. Suggested wording: “I hereby certify that I’m the (father/mother/other) of (…), will support him/her with a monthly allowance of at least $1,000 while he/she is in Spain and that I’m financially responsible for any emergency that may arise”.
  • Personal bank account statements showing at least $1,000 per month of stay.

7.$160 Handling Charge: Money Order or exact change are the accepted forms of payment, and all Money Orders should be made out to the Consulate General of Spain. If you are not a US citizen, there may be a different fee.

8.Medical Certificate (for stays in Spain over 180 days): You will have to supply an original medical certificate typed on doctor’s stationary/letterhead verifying that the applicant has been examined and found in good physical and mental health to travel and study abroad. The certificate should also state that the applicant is free from all contagious diseases, drug addictions, and mental illness as specified in the Consulate’s instructions. These items must be specified and the letter must be signed by a medical doctor.

9.Police Record (for stays in Spain over 180 days): You must bring a police record or a “certificate of good conduct” issued by any state where you have had a permanent address

during the last five years. Sometimes these background checks could take 8-10 weeks, so please plan accordingly. Most Consulates now require that these certificates be stamped with the Apostille of the Hague, which can be acquired at the office of the local Secretary of State. Follow this link and scroll down to find your state’s apostille page.

If you need these right away, you can get them expedited through an FBI Courier.

10.Driver’s License or Student ID: Some Consulates require you to show or turn in a photocopy of your U.S. Driver’s License or Student ID. Check the address on your ID, since the consulate uses this to verify your state of residence.

11.Flight Itinerary: Most consulates have dropped this requirement, but you may have to supply a copy of a flight itinerary. Usually if it is required, you can use an itinerary that you are considering, but have not yet purchased. If it is required, print a copy that shows your name and the itinerary and bring it to your appointment. Check with the Consulate you are using.

12.Return Envelope: Once your application is processed, the Consulate may return your passport to you via postal service, but others require students to go in person. For postal delivery refer to the Consulate’s instructions to see if they require USPS, Fedex, or a different carrier and include a self-addressed envelope with pre-paid postage from that carrier. Record the tracking number of the envelope. Tracking of mailed items is the responsibility of the applicant.

Be sure to keep a copy for your own records of everything you send to the Consulate, including a photocopy of your passport.

To see your corresponding consulates please see our “so you want to come to Spain?” Blog.