My tooth fell out!

**This happened to me about a month ago in Spain but was never posted**

Nothing prepares you for the shock of your tooth being stuck to a piece of taffy and not stuck in your mouth where it belongs! I shot up out of my seat when it happened, looked directly at Pat (my husband) and said “babe, my tooth fell out”.  He thought I was kidding, until I said it again and ran to the bathroom.  There it was, my crown from a root canal I had done, probably about 5 years ago, stuck to a piece of candy.  Now what do I do?  I can’t hop on a plane to go see my dentist! Looks like I’m doing a DIY project in my own mouth or maybe I can just go to the DENTIST.  Spanish dentistry? What is that? Are they good?

Why did I ask those questions? Did I really think, that no where else besides America had good health care professionals? My literal fear of going to the dentist in Spain was, are they going to do a good job, like in the states?! WHAT, I’m embarrassed to even admit that that’s what I was thinking.  Spain isn’t a third world country La Micia! Unfortunately, I know for many other Americans, my thinking would have been their thinking.

Two Spanish dentist appointments later, I had a new tooth! Not only was my appointment phenomenal!!!!! but it only cost me 270 euros for a brand NEW crown. It costed $1500 at my dentist back home.  So in conclusion, if you find yourself in a different country, and you have a medical emergency, don’t be scared, you may actually have a great experience, save money AND be enlightened.

My fellow Americans, what do you think about this?

-La Micia