R.I.P to a Legend

My family and I just found out that my Grandfather, “Pop-Pop” (My Dad’s Dad) died today. In my mind he is a legend and he will be deeply missed by the whole Genova clan. There are a million things that make him a legend and I’m sure many more will come out now that we are going to celebrate his life, but I wanted to take a moment to give the world 10 reasons why he is a legend to me.

  1. “Pop-Pop Fresh” – You know a guy is a legend when you name a particular smell after him. Pop-Pop smelled so fresh that myself and my siblings have spent a lifetime trying to imitate that freshness. He was the freshest.
  2. The Greatest Generation– Pop-Pop was a member of “The Greatest Generation”- enough said.
  3. Modesty-He never talked about himself or his accomplishments. We live in a world where it can seem to be all about who you know and what you have accomplished. He never bragged about the things he had done. He just did them.
  4. “Loose lips sink ships”– One of his most famous lines about the dangers of talking too much.
  5. Wittiness– He was one of the wittiest people you will ever meet. He always had a funny joke or story ready to go to lighten the mood even as his health faltered.
  6. Palermo– Being the son of a Sicilian from Palermo, Italy automatically gives you some “legend” status.
  7. Honest Hard Worker– Pop-Pop was a brilliant civil Engineer and he worked well into his sixties. One time my Dad asked him how to hit a golf ball further and his response was simply, “Distance is equal to Mass times Velocity”. He along with his wife, Regina “Nanny” raised 6 kids and they kept it together! He also raised my Dad who is a legend in his own right.
  8. Drama Free– Life comes with a lot of drama and Pop-Pop was a wizard when it came to not getting involved in the drama. Remember the mantra: “loose lips sink ships.”
  9. Prayer & Faith– I just found this out recently but he and his wife of over 60 years said their prayers every night together.
  10. He had this to say about my wife: “She’s a fine woman”.- My wife, La Micia and I spent more time in New York as he has gotten sicker and they got to know each other. Getting this type of a blessing from your grandfather is epic in biblical proportions!

Our beloved Pop-Pop was an awesome man who I have a ton of respect for and if you ever got to spend time with him you wouldn’t leave without laughing. He was a family man, he was an honest man, and he was a legend. I am so sad to see him go, but I’m excited that we can celebrate his life.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support during this time.

-Patrick Genova