Natural Hair Mistake

I posted a photo on fb and said that I had a funny story behind it, so here’s the blog post I promised you… 

Here’s the photo if you didn’t see it:img_7700

Now here’s a picture of me with hair that isn’t mine, if you know what I mean…

Excuse my husbands face!

I loveed my hair like this, it was so low maintenance and I felt like it looked nice and just like my real hair.  I could curl it or straighten it as much as I wanted but sometimes I had to flat iron/straighten my natural hair that was left out at the top in order for it to blend in with the fake hair. That was when it all started…….

I went to wash ONLY the hair that was left out at the top and my hair did not curl back up/go back to its natural state.  It was permanently straight! It looked something like this…




Guess what I did after that?….I kept wearing my hair in the same style because, I mean, the damage was already done.  It couldn’t get any worse, and honestly it didn’t.  The hair that was damaged or permanently straightened seemed to be healthy, healthier than my hair was when it was permed actually.  I then considered heat training all of my hair.  Heat training is when you LOOSEN your natural curl pattern using heat, in order to make it more manageable.  I was so conflicted that I even prayed that God would make it clear to me if I should do this, because I would essentially be altering my curl pattern permanently (yes, its that serious)!  

Some time went on and it was time to take this protective style out and wash all of my hair, (Gosh, you know all of my secrets now).  I took out my braids underneath, and as I was doing this I realized that MY hair was super curly, defined and long.  I got excited, I hadn’t seen my real hair out in about a month.  I went to a mirror, and what I saw blew me away!


A Big, Huge, AFRO! I was feeling myself just a little, hehe.  I went to show my husband and my dad and they loved it too.  I was all natural La Micia again.  I felt so beautiful, and free!!! I had to have a 20 minute photo shoot in my bathroom mirror of course!

My prayer was answered, no heat training this afro.  BUT WAIT! There was one problem, my heat damaged hair in the front.  What was I supposed to do with it? I thought maybe I  could tuck it behind my ear and you couldn’t even see it under the afro =D.  That is exactly what I did! Black Girl Magic!

So everyone who saw the picture of my afro on Facebook had no idea that the front of my head was severely heat damaged!!! 



Below this is it up in a poof, I can easily tuck those straight pieces away…

The versatility of natural hair is mind blowing….


What happens now you might ask? Growing out the damaged part of my hair of course! I plan to gradually cut off the ends of the damaged hair while my hair grows.  I don’t expect that this will take a long time, my hair grows pretty fast.

So that’s the story behind the facebook photo.  Learn from my mistakes, don’t fry your hair to the point of no return, be very careful with heat, but more importantly….