The Mission Field: Hard & Awesome

This a list of the hard parts of the mission field, but also the great parts. This is a list based on our time in Spain. Lets start with the hard stuff. 

The Hard:

  1. Communication – If you go to a country that speaks a different language it can make building friendships very difficult. This can make you feel lonely.
  2. Visa’s – The process of obtaining and renewing Visas is pretty monotonous and bureaucratic.
  3. Home sick – the fact is you will be away from your family and you will miss out on many things. We missed out on birthdays, weddings, and funerals being in another country. It is just too expensive to fly home for every event.
  4. Money – Opportunities are very limited for foreigners in many countries and when you are able to find a job it might not be what you are used to in the U.S.
  5. Culture shock – Every country has a different culture that can frustrate us or make us a little more “short-fused” if we don’t fight to understand it. 

The Awesome:

  1. Friends- you meet lifelong friends when you are serving alongside brothers and sisters from other countries.
  2. Faith- it really tests your faith and perseverance and you grow a lot. Being on the mission field will give you some rock solid faith.
  3. Language – many times you will leave the mission field having learned another language.
  4. Purified – one thing i noticed with myself and others that go on the mission field is that it purifies you. All of your imperfection will rise to the surface and be exposed which can then be dealt with.
  5. Perspective – Being in another country allows you to gain a perspective that maybe you didn’t have before, this will ultimately help you in every area of your life.