What No Place To Lay is about…

No Place To Lay is based on the phrase used by Jesus in a conversation he had with one of his would be followers. The exchange goes as follows,

57 As they were walking along the road, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” 58 Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” -Luke 9:57-58

This would be disciple comes to Jesus full of enthusiasm and zeal. Knowing who Jesus was and what was promised to be fulfilled with the coming of the Messiah, who wouldn’t be as eager as this individual to follow? Jesus took this opportunity to really help him understand what he was asking to be a part of, he let him know that being a Christian isn’t always easy or comfortable, it requires sacrifice. Growing up, we loved the idea of Jesus being our savior, the fact we get all of his promises, the fact he is going to take care of us and help us on our tests and various competitions, but when it came to living like Jesus, we were far off. Both of us got scriptures tattooed on our bodies before we even knew what it meant to follow Jesus, I mean really follow Jesus (biblically). The break down for us began when it came to actually obeying Jesus. I don’t know if you have ever heard this quote but I feel it conveys the same message Jesus was trying to get across to this zealous individual. The quote goes, “Many people want Jesus to be their savior yet refuse to let him be their Lord.” We can’t claim all of the promises without a commitment to obedience and that is what No Place To Lay is about. No Place To Lay discusses our struggle and fight to make Jesus Lord and obey his will for our lives. It talks about many things that we decide to do because of Jesus’ Lordship, things that we wouldn’t necessarily do if we weren’t his disciples. If it was up to us, we wouldn’t put ourselves in any of these uncomfortable situations, but Jesus told us up front that this life is not about being comfortable.

No Place To Lay is about refusing to accept the easy and comfortable way of life should God call us to go. I’m not talking about making your life hard just for the sake of being sacrificial; this is about sacrifice when it is God’s will.

In this blog we will discuss many scenarios that weren’t comfortable or easy for us but ultimately made us stronger Christians and added a tremendous amount of value to our lives.

It is our prayer that as you see our struggle and trust me, it is a struggle, to put God first in our lives, you can rejoice with us when it comes to the promises as well.